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About Us

Let us steer you through the largest and widest seashells collection at Sea Shell Place

Sea Shell Place emerges as our passion for seashells germinates. Yes, just like seedlings, our passion sprouts and Sea Shell Place germinates into the largest and widest seashells collection online in Singapore!

We love indulging in shelling and we will always try our best to add new varieties into our collection. Do visit back regularly to check us out!

Most of our seashells are commercial quality, 1st grade from Indonesia, Philippines, India and even as far as United States and Middle East.

As we are dealing with natural products, sizes and colors are just approximate. It is important to note that all shells are unique and not perfect. It is almost impossible to find 2 identical shells.

Like human, shells show signs of aging like scars, growth lines, stress lines and sometimes even blemishes.

If you need and want to get an exact shell, visit us at "Specimen" section to get the shell(s) as pictured.


To all of you, from all of us at Sea Shell Place - Thank you and Happy Shelling!

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