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Grading of shells are viewed under good lighting with naked/unaided eyes. Microscopic flaw can be detected through a microscope on just any shell, including "GEM" specimens.

The principle grades for our shells are GEM, F++/GEM, F++, F+/F++, F+ and F/F+. Below details each grading.

Shell is without distinguishable blemish/flaw. Specimen shell, flawless to the unaided eye.

Shell is with very minor flaw or blemish and not easily detected unless scrutinized closely and do not distract the outlook of
the shell.

Shell has noticeable flaw or blemish which does not distract from the outlook of the shell. rather severe flaw or several
lesser flaws, which does not seriously compromise the appearance and/or value of the specimen.

Shell with more than 1 noticeable flaw, growth line or blemish. Overall presentation is good.

Shell with small chips, noticable growth lines, nacre lifts, blemishes or other obvious flaws. Overall appearance and
presentation is obviously not perfect.

Shell with major chips, growth lines, nacre lifts, blemishes or obvious flaws.